WFISD Summer Feeding Program is ready so no kid goes hungry

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The Wichita Falls ISD’s summer feeding program, now more than 25 years strong, is once again in full swing.

The government-funded program is designed to make sure no child under 18 goes unfed during the summer months. And, the people responsible for getting all that food on the table are well aware of the importance this program has in our community.
Tyre Newsome’s once again doing what she loves during the summer months, helping to feed local children in need. I’ve been with the child nutrition program for 3 years now. I’ve been doing the summer feeding for three years as well,” she said.

The summer program is an extension of the WFISDs in-school program but this has no application process or fee. Resident District Manager Farai Sithole says “anybody who is eighteen years and below can come in and eat at any time they do not have to produce any form of identification…. they do not need to fill out anything. They just need to show up ready to eat and we’ll feed them.”

Those like Farai Sithole understand the importance of the programs dietary guidelines.”We want to make sure that we give our kids the freshest and best quality we can,” he said.

Newsome says the whole process takes a team to get the job done. “There is commonly three or four to a kitchen depending on how big the school is actually. So, we have lots of help coming in but we break it off into different sections but we are a team so we all do everything pretty much,” she said.

And, as a team, each year they really do enjoy seeing, and feeding these kids. “Seeing the smiles on the kid’s faces. They actually love to come in and get the meal and eat it. It really excites them. They are happy to come and get a good meal that’s really hearty and healthy for them,” she said.

Keeping the local kids fed is the goal, and it is a goal they’re working together to achieve. The feeding program will run until August 3rd. There are eight locations around town children can grab breakfast and lunch.

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