WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A Wichita Falls woman is back in jail for the third time in seven months, 18th overall, after she is booked following an investigation into a reported stolen car, and a jail search uncovers a meth pipe is found in her anal cavity.

Riley Sage Weiss, 22, was booked into Wichita County Jail Sunday on charges of possession of a controlled substance and tampering with evidence with intent to impair.

Weiss is being held on bonds that total over $15,000.

Officers with the Wichita Falls Police Department responded to a disturbance at the Riverwalk Suites on Seymour Highway on Sunday afternoon, February 28.

Officers said they saw a woman at the complex who had named Weiss as a suspect in stealing her car Saturday, February 27.

According to authorities, the woman said her car had been recovered and she’d dropped the charges against Weiss, but Weiss was now in her apartment causing a disturbance.

Officers said Weiss had an outstanding felony warrant for drug possession, and she was placed under arrest.

The resident told police that Weiss had a meth pipe in her possession, though a search of Weiss did not reveal a meth pipe.

Officers said Weiss was constantly fidgeting at the jail and they asked her again if she was concealing anything, and she said no.

A strip search later revealed a used and burnt glass pipe concealed in her anal cavity.

Weiss has 18 total arrests, including 7 drug related charges, 5 assaults, one aggravated robbery, one burglary, one theft and one evading arrest.

Weiss was arrested in October 2020 on drug-related charges. She was also arrested in June 2020 when police were investigating a theft of sunglasses by a “tall woman with pink hair” and found Weiss at a motel.

Officers said they found meth in Weiss’ car.

In 2018, Wichita Falls Police said Weiss led them on a chase at speeds of 100 miles an hour in a stolen vehicle, from Kell Boulevard in Wichita Falls to Third Street in Burkburnett.

Police said they found meth in her car following the chase.

In 2015, when Weiss was 17, police said she ordered marijuana from a couple and asked them to deliver it to her, saying she’d pay them $100 so they could pay their electric bill.

When the coupled arrived, they said Weiss told the woman to come into her bedroom and she’d pay her.

In the bedroom, the woman told police Weiss reached under the bed, got a shotgun, pointed it in her face, and told them to get out.