This morning the Wichita Falls police department celebrated retirements, promotions, and an award ceremony.

Today officer Tammy Rice, Sergeant Bill Henning and Officer Kristine Henning retired from the force.  Officer Jason Leavelle was promoted to sergeant, four officers were given the life-saving bar and over thirty-five officers recieved the certificate of police excellence and bar, 

“there are several rewards in this when I got the oppurtunity to become part of this family, that was very special to me, the day I Recieved my first badge, that was a good day and that last badge is pretty important too,” Said Retired Officer Tammy Rice 

We want to extend a thank you to those officers, retiring and being promoted for their dedication to the community, 
To read how two sergeants recieved their life-saving bar below.

On Sunday July 22nd, Sergeant Charlie Eipper and Sergeant Jonathan Lindsey were attending services at Grace Church in Wichita Falls when an elderly male inside the church collapsed. Sergeant Lindsey ran to the man’s aid and quickly determined he was experiencing symptoms that appeared to be consistent with having a major heart attack. The man was seizing and his face had turned purple. It was clear that he was struggling to breathe and he was eventually overcome by the lack of air. Sergeants Lindsey and Eipper immediately intervened by initiating basic life support measures. Sergeant Lindsey cut the man’s clothing away as Sergeant Eipper ran and retrieved a portable AED. The AED machine was attached and recommended shocking the victim which they did. After the AED was applied, the victim appeared to stabilize at which point the Fire Department and ambulance personnel arrived on scene and continued life support measures. Sgt. Eipper and Lindsey followed the ambulance to the emergency room to continue to check on the victim. It was later learned that the victim had experienced a lethal arrhythmia which is not sustainable to live.  

Without the quick actions of Sergeant Jonathan Lindsey and Sgt. Charlie Eipper, the victim would have surely succumbed to his medical emergency before paramedics arrived on scene. Sergeant Eipper and Sergeant Lindsey are hereby awarded the Department’s Life Saving Bar for their actions.