WFPD: man allegedly threw toddler son about 12 feet for crying

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A Wichita Falls man is accused of picking up his 2-year-old son and throwing him between 10 to12 feet in the air after the toddler threw a fit.

Daniel Alfredo Villalobos, 36, is charged with injury to a child and his bond was set at $75,000.

According to the affidavit, the mother told police she was in the kitchen preparing a cup of milk for the boy Tuesday at her apartment on Collins.

The mother said the boy was throwing a fit waiting for the milk. She said Villalobos began spanking the boy and as the boy was walking away, Villalobos pushed him and the boy’s face hit the floor.

She said Villalobos then picked the boy up and tossed him 10-12 feet across the room. The mother said she didn’t hear the boy strike anything, so assumed he landed on a mattress on the other end of the room

The boy began to shake and cry and indicated his neck hurt.

The mother said Villalobos appeared to be very intoxicated, and that when she called the police, he left.

Police officers said they went to his home on Featherston Avenue and arrested him there.

There was no report on whether the boy was seriously hurt.

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