WFPD: Man charged after allegedly severely neglecting disabled twin daughter

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A Burkburnett man is in jail charged in a horrible case of alleged neglect of twin daughters with disabilities.

David Decker, 78, is jailed for exploitation of a disabled person with a $10,000 bond.

Burkburnett police said the conditions became known when they went to check a report of a suspicious person in the 600 block of East College.

Police officers said they found a woman with disabilities who had apparently wandered off and was thin, extremely dirty and had a pungent odor, her hair was completely matted in a massive tangle, finger and toenails untrimmed. They said her disability prevented her from caring for herself. She was transported to the hospital and placed in the care of adult protective services.

Police officers then learned she has a twin sister and located their father’s residence, on East College.

While talking to him they made contact with the other twin, who appeared in the same condition, if not worse, as her sister.

Officers said her toes appeared infected and she could barely walk. She was also taken to the hospital for treatment of dehydration and malnutrition.

Police officers said Decker was charged because he was the sole guardian and was collecting about $1,500 a month in disability payments.  

They said Decker was aware of the one daughter had wandered off but made no attempt to contact police or report her missing and was aware his daughters are never bathed or given any form of hygiene.

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