WFPD officer one step closer to recovery after battling with city over health

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It’s been a long road to recovery for Wichita Falls officer tim Putney who was injured on the job in July 2017.

After struggling to handcuff an out of control teenager, Putney fell and his back hit the curb. The juvenile fell on top of him causing nerve damage and for him to lose feeling in his right foot.

“They did an MRI,” said Chelsea, Putney’s wife. “They said at the hospital there at United Regional there that they didn’t see anything on the MRI.”

As time went on, things kept getting worse. the loss of feeling had spread from Putney’s foot to the majority of his right leg.

“That just kind of got worse over time so we started seeking out to immediately going to different doctors,” said Chelsea. “Them looking at the exact same mri saying no there’s a lot of other issues going on here.”

Putney’s doctors wanted to do further testing which his wife Chelsea says workman’s comp denied. she says they were denying his requests citing old age and false made claims for back pain.

Chelsea said, “Sometimes people would make the comment ‘at least you weren’t shot or stabbed’ and he would say ‘sometimes i wish i was because maybe they would have taken care of me in a timely manner.”

After nearly a year of fighting with the city, the Putney’s took their case in front of an administrative judge in Fort Worth this July. The judge ruled in his favor on August 1st.

“If he would have had the surgery from the beginning like he needed it wouldn’t have been as a big surgery that he needed from the very beginning if he had it and he could already be back out there on the streets as an officer,” Chelsea said.”

After the first surgery, things took a turn for worse. doctors told officer Putney that he would need to have a second surgery because the nerve damage had developed over time. “Now we’re looking at the possibility of that never happening again and that’s scary and it’s all because of them approving this in a timely fashion and wanting to deny it every step of the way,” Chelsea said.

The support for Putney has been overwhelming.

Maria Alvarado is the president of the peace officers angels foundation and has been personally visiting him and his wife in the hospital.

Her organization provides support to injured officers by connecting them with other officers who have been injured.

“I saw the smile on his face yesterday because it was like not only am i getting stronger, not only am i getting the surgeries I desperately needed, i’m getting the support so that when i leave here its not going to go away,” said Maria Alvarado, President of the Peace Officers Angel Foundation.

Putney is hoping to be home in Wichita Falls in the coming days but will first have to be sure that he will have access to a physical therapist, something else workman’s comp must first sign off on.

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