WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A Wichita Falls woman with numerous past arrests and convictions was arrested again after police said they found 10 I.D. or debit cards belonging to other people in a car at a convenience store.

An officer said as he was questioning Riley Sage Weiss, 23, she stuffed keys, a small cross and money in her mouth so he squeezed the sides of her mouth to make sure she wasn’t swallowing any evidence.

Riley Weiss Wichita County Jail booking photo

An officer had stopped at Southwest Parkway and Taft Wednesday morning to investigate an unoccupied car parked parallel to the store entrance.

He went in and asked Weiss if the car outside was hers and said she said no, but later told officers it was her husband’s, and he had dropped her off and walked away.

While questioning her, the officer said Weiss pushed a key fob in her hand and the lights of the car flashed.

The officer decided to detain Weiss for further questioning and said she then put the keys into her mouth so he grabbed the sides of her mouth and squeezed so she could not swallow anything.

After retrieving the keys, the officer said she gave him permission to search the car and he found a wallet with a man’s I.D. and a debit card, and a social security card for a different person.

Another wallet was found in the front passenger seat with an I.D. card and six debit cards for another woman.

The officer said Weiss then admitted to driving the car to the store and parking it sideways so she could run inside, but then said she changed the story and said she was not driving but was a passenger, and did not know where the driver went.

Weiss was previously arrested in February when police said a woman who had reported Weiss had stolen her car the day before, then dropped the charge, called to say Weiss was in her apartment causing a disturbance.
Weiss was arrested on an outstanding warrant for drug possession

Officers said Weiss was constantly fidgeting at the jail and when asked if she was concealing anything, and she said no.

A search later revealed a burnt glass pipe concealed in her anal cavity.

Weiss has 19 total arrests, including seven drug-related charges, five assaults, one aggravated robbery, one burglary, one theft and one evading arrest.

In 2018, Wichita Falls Police said Weiss led them on a chase at speeds of 100 miles an hour in a stolen vehicle from Wichita Falls to Burkburnett.

In 2015, when Weiss was 17, police said she ordered marijuana from a couple and asked them to deliver it to her, then when the coupled arrived, they said Weiss reached under the bed, got a shotgun, pointed it in the woman’s face, and told them to get out.