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WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL)—With toilet paper being swept off the shelves the minute it’s stocked, some folks are having to use alternatives.

The hunt for toilet paper, which in just a couple of weeks has become one of the hottest items sought by shoppers, is at the top of the store list for many residents. But, what if you can’t find any, and end up having to use wipes?

“We have a very real concern about what people are flushing down the toilet as far as the disposable wipes, those are supposed to be disposed of in the trash can and not the toilet. We want the public to understand that the only thing that is supposed to go down the toilet are the three p’s, pee, poop, and toilet paper,” Utilities Operations Manager, Daniel Nix said.

Something that President of Brian’s Plumbing, Brian Walser, agrees with.

“Baby wipes and stuff do not need to go down there, even with the proper size sewer line doesn’t need to go in there, just toilet paper only,” Walser said.

Here’s why, toilet paper is made to break down into pieces on its way through the sewer system, wipes stay intact, and if you flush multiple over a period of time?

“That stuff builds up inside the pipes and doesn’t degrade as toilet paper does and it will create a clog, it backs up the sewage and you’ll end up with sewage coming up in your house or your neighbor’s house,” Nix said.

If it progresses past that, Nix said that could turn into a federal violation.

“If it gets bad enough that it overflows our system, say into the street or running down the curb, that’s actually a federal violation. Its called sanitary sewer overflow and those are not allowed, so you put the city of Wichita Falls at risk,” Nix said.

So remember Texoma, only flush toilet paper down your toilet!

For more information on how to be a responsible citizen when it comes to your wastewater, click here.

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