What the Tech: Apps & Gadgets to Help You Sleep


Sleep deprivation is a common problem for some 60 million Americans who say they have trouble either falling asleep or staying asleep.

New technology you have in the palm of your hand is designed to help.

There are dozens of sleep apps in both iTunes and the Google Play store. These apps are designed to help you fall asleep by playing soft music or relaxing sounds such as waves on a beach, a light rain or crickets in a forest. Many of the apps are free. Users can set timers so the sounds turn off automatically. Many of the apps also have alarm clocks built in.

Sleep Genius is an app that claims to do better than play white noise. The app was developed with the help of astronauts and sleep specialists. Instead of white noise, the company says the app plays “pink noise” which has been proven to aid people going to sleep. The app also listens to the breathing of the person going to sleep to better understand what it is that keeps them awake at night.

Sleep Cycle is an app for iPhones, Apple phones and Android devices that works similarly to Sleep Genius. The app is placed on the pillow next to the sleeper and analyzes their sleep. This app is especially helpful as people begin waking up. Using the microphone the app can determine when the sleeper is coming to the end of a sleep cycle and begins waking them up with sound that gets louder.

The Sleepace Nox is a new bedside lamp that completely analyzes a person’s sleep as well as helps the person sleep and wake up at a good time. When the alarm is set, the Nox begins glowing red and playing a sound that the user chooses. The lamp tracks the breathing of the person trying to go to sleep and determines when the person is sleeping. Once that happens the sound and the light automatically turns off.

The next morning as the sleeper comes to the end of a sleep phase closest to their alarm, the light slowly begins glowing red, then bright white at the time the alarm is set. Sounds of the sleeper’s choosing such as birds chirping begins playing softly and slowly gets louder as the set alarm is to go off.

The result is a better nights sleep.

The Nox desktop light also analyzes the users sleep pattern and records it through an app on their smartphone so it can be reviewed later. The lamp tracks when the user is in a deep sleep, their body movement as they slept and even the darkness, temperature and humidity in the room. It keeps the information for months so the user can determine any reason they had trouble falling asleep due to exercise, stress or caffeine usage.

The Nox lamp goes on sale in June for $149. It has been called one of the top new products of 2016 by reviews at this year’s CES.

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