Are you tired of hearing about Pokemon Go?

The insanely popular gaming app has surpassed Twitter, Spotify and Netflix in terms of daily usage, and some figures show it’s now installed on over 10% of all phones in the United States.

Augmented reality is not confined to Pokemon, there are dozens of apps in both app stores that many people feel are better than Pokemon.

Here are some of the best AR games that are not Pokemon:

● Geocaching.
This app has been around for several years and is being used in many classrooms. This app keeps track of over 2 million hidden treasures around the world. The object, much like Pokemon Go, is to locate them. Some of the treasures are trinkets in boxes or plastic envelopes. The app uses the phone’s GPS and leads the user directly to the area where the object was hidden. Users then log their find, sign the paper and leave it for the next person.

● Ingress is a game that combines the real world with a virtual one in which an energy has been discovered.
Teams try to gather the energy or protect it. Using the phone’s GPS users locate those animated images which are usually found on monuments and other historical places.

● Clandestine Anomaly is a game in which the user defends the earth from an alien invasion.
Graphics are realistic by combining virtual animations with the real world. Users shoot down the invading aliens and can also build virtual buildings in their neighborhood.

● Google Translate is not a game but a utility made for travelers.
This app translates most languages by using the phone’s camera. Point it at a sign or a book in one language and the words transform into one you understand.

● Star Walk identifies stars, constellations, planets and galaxies by pointing the device toward the sky.
Using the phone’s location and GPS it adds a layer to the camera view with information on what you’re looking at.

Most of these apps are free but require in-app purchases to play the game in depth.

Geocaching for Android, iPhone

Ingress for Android, iPhone

Clandestine Anomoly

Google Translate for Androids, iPhone

Star Walk for Android, iPhone