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Eureka Park is always the most crowded space at CES. It is where you’ll find inventors that have come up with new innovations that will blow your mind. Startups from around the world set up their booths and meet with attendees and company officials who may be interested in purchasing their technology.

DeepNen creates deep fakes for Hollywood.

“We can scale and virtualize say George Clooney’s face when he can’t be in a commercial in Germany,” explained Anne Marie. “We can set up the scene and implant his face on somebody else’s.”

Marie said their technology can also put the face of the star of a movie on a stunt man for better realism in any action film.

Developers in Korea replace the smartphone keypad and type out messages on a tabletop. This booth always had a crowd gathered round to see how it works. The technology uses the phone’s selfie camera propped up to see your fingers. As you type on the empty table, the words appear on your phone as if you’re using the keypad.

Every country is represented. I saw Belgium, I saw France, I saw lots of robots sing and dance. This robot is a bartender.

In Holland, they’re getting steak without harming a cow. Julia Slegers explained how sustainable food source works.

“We do a small biopsy from the animals and with that we create fats and muscle cells and that gives you the taste of real steak, a real burger.

There were many apps on display. One of the most impressive is called “Heard That”. Wearing headphones or earbuds the app can cancel out all the ambient noise of a crowded room so you hear only the person talking directly to you. I tried it out in the crowded expo and could only hear the man talking to me from a few feet away.

I think this app will be helpful for anyone with hearing loss or even fans at a NASCAR race. I also found software and device that can identify every face in the room. If it’s ever paired with Facebook or Google with their millions of photos, you could be picked out of a crowd anywhere. CES ends Friday night with most exhibitors, attendees and media representatives leaving Las Vegas until next year.

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