The place hackers go to buy stolen information is slashing prices.

Dell SecureWorks which keeps tabs on the cyber crime black market, reports that stolen credit card numbers, counterfeit passports and fake driver licenses are dropping in price due to a flood of goods being sold.

“You can buy a credit card with a PIN, and it may be good for a day or two,” said Morey Haber, the Vice President of Technology for BeyondTrust, a leader in cyber security.
“You pay by credit card, then you have access to various email accounts, airline sky miles, etc.”

Dell SecureWorks found credit cards with PINs for as little as $7. Stolen driver licenses for $173 and full stolen identities called “Fullz” for as little as $15.

Haber said the people shopping on the black market would shock you. “It could be your next door neighbor or someone in the islands.”

Business is so competitive now on the black market, hackers are having to advertise their services by highlighting customer service.

Dell’s security team found one hacker claiming to potential clients that they are “honest, trustworthy and professional.”

The information on the cyber crime underground black market is often taken from unsuspecting consumers who’ve been careless with passwords, account numbers and email addresses.

Haber warns everyone that “They should be aware that their information is probably out there. There’s probably very few people that haven’t had some information leaked at some point or another.”

Haber suggests consumers change their passwords to all accounts frequently, to never use the same password for multiple accounts and to check bank and credit card statements often.