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Your email inbox may be filling up with messages from companies asking you to review their privacy policy, and it’s all due to a new law in Europe known as GDPR, and you shouldn’t just shrug off these notices.

Make no mistake, the reason you’re getting the emails is that at some point or another, you’ve agreed to turn over some of your information to the websites.

Some of what’s in your inbox are companies simply announcing a new privacy policy.
The email should give you the option of seeing your data or information they’ve collected and an easy way to opt out.

So should you care? If you’re concerned about how your data is being gathered and shared, yes. Particularly with some of the sites you don’t remember using. For example, I discovered this company has some of my information such as phone number, email address, physical address, pin number and other things I don’t even understand. And, it shares that information with third parties. I don’t remember signing up or using it.

This is a good opportunity to see where your data exists and to purge the accounts you no longer use or care about. So pay attention to those emails, especially from sites you don’t recognize. The internet is a big place and your data is scattered across it.

The European law went into effect over the weekend and some American companies have already been sued over their privacy policies, including Facebook and Google.

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