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First is was the new Facebook on the desktop and now many users are noticing a similar big change to the Facebook app. Some users were already seeing a new look on the Android and iOS app but many are just noticing the difference after their app updated overnight. So what’s different? Almost everything.

Rather than a row of icons at the bottom of the screen, the new-look Facebook app has a large logo “F” in the center of the bottom row, along with a home icon and one for alerts. Gone are the icons for messages, marketplace, groups, and video.

To find those options now you’ll have to tap once on the Facebook logo icon which will reveal a menu listing dozens of things you’ve been using. Groups, Friends, Videos to Watch, Memories, Marketplace, News, and Events along with things you may have never used. Jobs, Gaming, Saved, and Pages. There’s also a new “Shop” in the menu. Facebook has introduced a new shopping experience where businesses can sell their brands. This isn’t like Marketplace where other Facebook users can sell items they no longer want. Facebook Shop is a curated store featuring things such as “On the Run” with fitness apparel. “Dresses Under $40”, “Easy Storage Solutions”, and “Happy Hideaway” where you’ll see products from brands such as “modern-day Hippies”, “Glowing Hut” and “Oleander and Palm”.

To recruit businesses to sell in the new Facebook Store, Facebook is waiving selling fees through the end of the year.

Back to the Menu. If you tap “See More” it will reveal nearly 20 other Facebook features such as avatars, blood donation information, Facebook Pay, Find Wi-Fi, Lift Black Lives and Mentorship where users can sign up to be a mentor to people needing help or advice in specific areas of interest.

In the menu, you’ll also find Help & Support and your Privacy Settings. To return to the newsfeed you tap the home icon.

I found the new Facebook app is much easier to use and it’s clearer where everything is located. No more tapping on several settings to find what you’re looking for. There will also be a dark mode for mobile but that is not appearing available to many users right now. It will be included in a later update.

If you have not seen the new Facebook app, you may find it the next time you update the app. If your phone is set to update apps automatically when they’re available, the new Facebook may appear on your phone when you wake up in the morning.

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