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In the last few years, the Echo Dot has been the #1 tech gadget on Amazon. It’s sold out. This year, there are a few more choices. The Amazon Echo Show 5 and Google’s Nest Hub. Most people will enjoy them, but which is the best one for you?

The Nest hub from Google has a larger screen than Amazon’s new Echo Show 5. It’s a nice size if you want one sitting on a kitchen counter to help you with cooking videos from YouTube. The Echo Show 5 is the perfect size for an alarm clock and it’s easy to set the face on the screen to show large numbers for the clock. Like the Hub, you can set an alarm with the Echo Show to play your favorite song or podcast from Amazon Prime.

The Echo Show has a nice built-in speaker to listen to music, there’s a mini plug to connect it to a speaker but you may not need it. The speaker’s pretty good. You can watch movies from Amazon Prime and other sources but the screen’s so small you may not want to.

The Google Nest Hub’s speaker isn’t quite as good the Show. There’s no way I’d use it to play music in my office. There isn’t much bass and reminds me of the sound from the first-edition Echo Dot (or an AM/FM radio). You can connect it to a Chromecast to play music louder on the TV or another speaker. YouTube videos look good on it and play seamlessly.

Both devices are like digital picture frames. Photos you’ve uploaded to Google on the hub, and Amazon photos on the show are uploaded as you take them on your phone for a personalized screen saver. I can see how this would be a great feature if you’re giving it to a relative who lives out of town. You can upload pictures to the device wherever it is.

The Nest hub doesn’t have a camera, the Echo Show does and you can make video calls through other Amazon Echo devices or Skype.

You can disable the microphone and camera on the Show with this button.

You control both devices with your voice and their app. Control smart home devices, find something to watch on Amazon Prime or Netflix. Want some help in the kitchen? just ask for a recipe and The Nest hub will find a YouTube video with step-by-step directions on how to cook just about anything. Amazon uses the app Tasty.

They’re both fairly easy to set up, but I found the Echo Shot to be a little simpler while the Nest Hub has more features with YouTube and Google integration.

So which is best? If you like other Echo devices like the dot, you’ll enjoy the Echo Show. If you’re not an Amazon Prime member and you use an Android device, you’ll get more out of the Nest hub. They both make excellent gifts.

Right now the two devices are on sale. Amazon’s Echo Show 5 is down to $49.95 while the Google Nest Hub is on sale for $79.95

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