According to the robocall blocking app YouMail, October and November are typically the busiest times of the year for people to receive robocalls.

According to YouMail’s robocall index history, In October 2018, more than 5.1 million robocalls were placed which was a million more than in July 2018.

If you have an iPhone Apple has introduced a new feature that will help you ignore robocalls without missing an important call.

“Silence Unknown Callers” is an option you’ll find in the settings menu of the phone app. By toggling the switch to the on position, only calls from numbers in your phone’s contact list will ring. All others will be silenced. This is helpful for someone who uses their iPhone for business since potential clients and customers can get through to voicemail even if their number is not in your contacts list.

Those calls will also be displayed in the “Recents” tab in the phone app. If you do not see the option it is probably because you have not installed Apple’s most recent update, currently 13.1. Another problem people are reporting today is an increase in the number of ‘silent calls’ where no one is on the other end of a robocall. Those are likely calls placed from a computer that’s making hundreds or thousands of calls every minute. Those numbers are dialed constantly and when someone answers, someone on the spammers end will engage the call. When your phone rings and no one is there, it’s most likely all of their agents are already on a call and noone is available to pick up your call.

It is probably a good idea to block calls from that number, especially if you get repeated calls.