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With schools shut down and people working from home, your internet service is getting a real workout during the pandemic scare.

It all means slower connections which can cause problems and might even cost you more, and if you’re having trouble getting and staying online, there are a few things you can do to improve your home internet service.

If everyone is home one thing is for sure, your internet use will surge this month and your internet provider is going to do one of two things: charge you more for that internet use or you’re going to hit a cap and they’ll slow your speeds. there are a few things you can do to not only save money but speed up your home wifi.

We prefer being on our home network because it isn’t eating into our cellular data plan. But if everyone’s home, no one’s using your data plan. So here’s a switch, turn off the WiFi on your smartphone and use the data from your provider. Especially if you’re just scrolling through checking Facebook and watching TikTok videos.

If you’re seeing a lot of buffering while watching Netflix, Amazon or Hulu, you should check your router. Is it surrounded by other electronics and wires? That can cause interference and slow speeds. Put your router as close to the center of your house as possible and away from other electronics.

If you’ve never connected to your router through its app or online, do it now. There are features that allow you to prioritize certain devices, such as smart TVs and Rokus.

If you stop watching Netflix or another streaming service, make sure it isn’t still playing. Sometimes you might turn off the TV but leave the streaming service playing. This will not only slow internet speeds for everyone else, it’ll also eat into your data cap with your internet provider. This can cause your bill to jump 40% in a month. So turn off or stop Netflix before you turn off the TV.

These tips will not only speed up your wifi but might save you money because the next bill you get from your home internet provider will likely be a lot more than what you’ve been paying.

One broadband provider says internet use has surged 20% in the past week and youtube just announced it is reducing video quality by default due to high demand.

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