Studies have shown that more teenage drivers are involved in car accidents during the summer months than any other time of year. 
In our What the Tech, Jamey Tucker explains that with technology today, parents can stay in touch with their kids, without putting them in danger.
You’re probably familiar with Onstar, the safety feature that comes with many luxury cars.
There is now one that’s similar to Onstar, but it works in any car. 
It is called splitsecnd and you just plug it into any 12 volt outlet in your car. 
In the event of an accident when the airbags have been deployed, it is going to call an emergency control center, because it has a GPS built in, if the driver can’t speak or is knocked unconscious, an operator can send an ambulance directly to where the car is.
It has a panic button, when you hit that, it connects you directly to an emergency call center if you are in an accident.
In addition to the emergency safety features, the device and app allows parents to keep watch over their teenage drivers.
Splitsecd is constantly uploading traffic packages of where you are, and from the app, parents can real time location of their kids.
It can even connect to a smartphone and will let parents know whether their children have been texting while driving. 
The splitsecnd device is $150 and there’s also a $16 a month monitoring fee.
According to the national transportation safety board, car crashes are the leading cause of death for teenagers in the United States.