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It isn’t your imagination, your smartphone battery doesn’t last as long in the summer and it’s because we’re spending more time outside, we’re using the phone and not a computer and it’s probably not staying plugged into a power source. It’s a frustrating problem, but here are a few simple things you can do to make your battery last longer.

Find out what’s draining your battery in settings. When I checked my wife’s phone I saw that Facebook is burning up about half the battery life each day. Not all of that is from scrolling through the news feed. Facebook checks for updates all day long. It’s always connected to the internet. If you’re a power Facebook friend, this is probably where your battery goes to die.

Try this: turn on Low Power mode in the battery settings or the control center. You’ll still be able to browse the internet, and get texts and phone calls. Facebook and other apps won’t stay connected, so you won’t get those notifications or emails unless you open the app.

You can also delete the Facebook app and install a shortcut to the Facebook website. This will use a lot less battery and data, but you won’t get those instant notifications either. You can do the same with Instagram which also stays connected to push notifications to you.

If you’ve downloaded free apps, particularly free games, that’s going to use a lot of your battery. Free game apps come with ads and they’re running all the time. If you see banners on the screen, short video teases or any other pop-up as you’re playing, they’re being downloaded constantly. Do note those things are hitting your battery hard and since they’re connecting to the internet, it’s using up data when you’re not connected to wifi.

Apps that run ads, like free games, use up to 40-percent more power than game apps that don’t have ads and pop-ups. You may want to consider that the next time you have a choice between a 99-cent app, and one that’s supposed to be free.

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