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Would you be interested in a membership to Walmart? The largest brick and mortar retailer in the world thinks you might and its launching Walmart+ to better compete online with Amazon.

One key advantage for Walmart+ is all of its brick and mortar stores. They have one in practically every city and town in the country, some 4,700 stores nationwide. That, Walmart says, will allow them to deliver items faster than Amazon.

Walmart+ is a membership program, similar to its Sam’s Clubs. For $98 a year, members get unlimited free delivery from stores, discounts at the pump and new tools to shop in stores.

Scan & Go will be in the Walmart app for members. It will allow shoppers to scan items in the store and pay for them in the app using Walmart Pay. No lines to wait in at the cash register. Walmart doesn’t specify in its news release how customers will get those items bagged to carry out of the stores.

At Walmart Stores that have Murphy USA gas stations, members will get up to a 5-cent per gallon discount. Walmart also says customers can get free same-day delivery on items in the stores such as tech, toys, groceries and household essentials.

Compared to Amazon Prime, Walmart+ is $20 cheaper per year. Prime memberships are $119/yr and among its many perks, the biggest from day one is free 2-day shipping on any items with no minimum.

Amazon doesn’t offer discounts on gas, at least not right now and not without partnering with another company. While Walmart+ offers free delivery, in some cases the same day, it will require a minimum purchase of $35. If you’ve gotten more used to shopping for groceries online during the pandemic it might be worth the extra $100 a year to spend on Walmart + in addition to an Amazon Prime membership.

If you purchase groceries a couple of times each week using Walmart+, over the course of a year you’ll pay under $1 to have someone pick up and deliver your groceries each time. For people who’ve been using other delivery services, this is much cheaper.

There are other perks to Amazon Prime such as streaming movies and music. Walmart clearly believes there are many people who care less about things like that, and more about discounts and same-day delivery. Walmart+ launches September 15th and the company is offering a free 15-day trial.

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