One of the more difficult things we have to do online is change our passwords to something difficult while still remembering them all.

A new device from Yubico requires your finger tip to login.

The YubiKey is a small device that fits into a computer’s USB port. It has a fingerprint sensor that allows you to login to Gmail, Dropbox and Github and the makers say, will soon include other sites such as many banks.

“It’s a one password device that generates onetime passwords,” said Stina Ehrensvard with Yubico.

The generated password resets or changes every 30 seconds after you’re logged in which prevents hackers from accessing your accounts and stealing your password. Even if the password is stolen, it won’t work the next time your credentials are entered.

The YubiKey works in conjunction with 2 step authorization that Google offers. This is recommended for anyone serious about protecting their accounts. 2 step verification requires a user to enter a password and then receive and input a 6 digit code from their smartphone. This prevents someone from accessing your accounts from other places since possession of the phone is required.

You can authorize 2 step verification within the settings menu of Google or Gmail.

The YubiKey works on Android devices with NFC by tapping the YubiKey onto the back of the phone. It does not currently work with iPhones and iPads though the company told us they are working on a solution.

The YubiKey Neo is slightly smaller than most flash drives and is recommended to carry around on a keychain. The YubiKey Nano is much smaller and is made to be kept in a computer’s USB for convenience.

2step verification is inconvenient for those who want to access their accounts quickly, but for those concerned about privacy it, along with the YubiKey adds a layer of protection.

The YubiKey Neo and Nano cost around $40 online.

2 Step verification in Google