Where in the world is Wally the Duck?

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If you’ve driven down Southwest Parkway and pass South Weeks Park puns and noticed something missing, that’s because Wally the Duck is no longer there.

Wally was damaged due to high winds over the weekend so, creator Ralph Stearns hauled him back to his house to repair him. Besides some small cracks and rips in the fiberglass, Stearns said the damages aren’t too serious.

“Putting it in that pond was just a testing ground to see how ole Wally would fair, it faired through the winter and is in very good condition. We’ve got some minor repairs to do and I’m going to fix it real nice. It’s going to be a bigger stronger Wally,” Stearns said.

Stearns said when he finishes repairing Wally, he plans to go before city council to see if the city wants to purchase the giant sculpture.

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