As the trial against Justin Love enters its second week, one of three murder defendants charged in the death of Domanic Thrasher once again took to stand for the prosecution without any promises of a plea deal

Blayne Brooks was found guilty in November, 2016 and is serving a 60- year prison sentence. During his trial, the third defendant, Whitney O’Brien said Love yelled for Brooks to fire the fatal shots that took down Thrasher when he ran without paying for marijuana.

On Tuesday, the 23-year-old described a similar story, testifying about she, Love and Brooks setting up a marijuana delivery to Thrasher and about the phone texts sent to and received from Thrasher. She said after they met him in City View and he got in their car, he complained about the price, then grabbed the bag of marijuana and ran.

She said she grabbed his shirt but he slipped out of it and she heard Love yell to Brooks to shoot him. She said she heard seven shots and saw Thrasher spin around and go down.

She testified they returned to her apartment and Love told her to dye her hair, and that both Love and Brooks threatened  her life if she talked to the police.

O’Brien, who has been behind bars for more than 1,200 days, has been the state’s prime witness in this case, and it’s not known if or when she may accept a plea bargain after this trial ends.

There will be no  testimony Wednesday because of other court matters in the morning, including afternoon funeral services for John Little, a former chief investigator for the Wichita County District Attorney’s Office.