Wichita County Commissioners and the Sheriff have settled the type of pavement that will be used at the new gun range.

Construction costs sparked heated discussions at last weeks commissioners meeting but they decided on the cheaper option.

Sheriff David Duke and the commissioners said their piece and agreed to go with the asphalt option instead of concrete.

It will cost $7,800, which doesn’t include the labor, for the asphalt. They received a new quote for concrete for concrete for $15,000.

But will it hold up over time?

“I’m an old concrete guy but I grew up in the asphalt business too,” Wichita County Judge, Woody Gossom said. “To me the better long term surface would’ve been the concrete. How much better?”

“The seal coat and the crack fill is really mandatory every 2 to 3 years,” co-owner of B&C Asphalt, Jerry Cullar said. ” You have to make sure to crack fill it and seal coat it to keep the water from absorbing underneath the asphalt, that’s where your problems come from.”

Judge Gossom the new gun range is still on track for completion next month.

Crews are putting sealer down for the asphalt to be laid hopefully later this week, weather permitting.