WICHITA COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — We saw a lot of the same issues this year as we did in 2020 but it was still drastically different than that unprecedented year.

Wichita County Commissioners dealt with many issues, projects and experiences throughout 2021.

“We were greatly in a reactionary mode in 2020, less reactionary in 2021,” Wichita County Judge Woody Gossom said.

But they definitely still had their hands full.

“A very busy year. Yeah, a monumental year I’ll say in Wichita County’s history,” Wichita County Precinct 1 Commissioner Mark Beauchamp said.

And one reason for that historic year, the move-in of the new Law Enforcement Center.

“We’ve also gotten a great deal done, no one can appreciate enough how much Commissioner Beauchamp has done in moving the jail along and keeping that and he’s taken on these additional projects in the courthouse and the annex,” Gossom said.

“It’s nice to see that big project out of the way and we can move on to other things,” Beauchamp said.

Now the big plans just keep on going with the county starting renovations on the north wall of the courthouse to start 2022, along with the county annex much needed work on this building for the first time in more than 60 years.

And with all that going on, newcomer to the court Precinct 2 Commissioner Mickey Fincannon has settled into the position.

“Coming into this office, you don’t realize how small amount of money to take care of citizens roads, bar ditches, all the mowing, taking care of the road projects, all the signs, all the illegal dumping,” Fincannon said.

Even after taking some time after coming into a completely empty office.

“I literally had to start brand new and fresh. The only thing we had was a list that was turned into the state on grant roads that we got funding for, and that grant road pick list was done prior to me coming. So this job has been a figure it out as you go because there was nothing left for me when I took office,” Fincannon said.

Now about to begin a re-election campaign, Fincannon wants to keep building, like the rest of the court, by improving roads, running water availability and broadband to the county.

“I’m hoping that the knowledge that I’ve learned this past year, I continue to be an asset for the citizens moving forward in 2022. We can just keep being a good representative and steward for the taxpayers and keep learning to do our job a little better every day,” Fincannon said.

Another year jam-packed with projects and more and they’re not slowing down in 2022.

“Just a continuation, non-stop!” Beauchamp said.

Gossom also highlighted things they want to do with those relief funds, from expanding the use of relief funds and the timeframe of use for them.