Editor’s note: We reported the project was $10 million but have changed it due to an error.

WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — As progress is being made on the $4.4 million renovations of the Wichita County Courthouse, the county is also looking down the street at its aging annex building, known as the tax office.

Precinct 1 County Commissioner Mark Beauchamp said they’re using federal COVID Recovery Funds and said although they’re making progress, they still have a long way to go in the more than $3 million renovation.

On Tuesday, they approved almost a half million dollars for an interior makeover.

If you’ve been inside the Wichita County Annex whether to get your vehicle registered or handle tax business then you’ve seen the outdated and cracking interior of the building, something that Beauchamp said is about to change.

“Much of the design of the two different tax offices, the motor vehicle office, and the property tax office was designed on a modular concept so that was already part of the remodeling contract. We just approved the expenditures of those funds today,” Beauchamp said.

Beauchamp said they’ll be spending roughly half a million dollars on new furniture and fixtures for the building that hasn’t seen much change since the county bought it in the 70s.

“That’s floor tiles, carpet, ceiling tiles, everything, HVAC, and it’s time for an update,” Beauchamp said.

A process that won’t be easy.

“We should start the actual construction sometime mid to late March. We’re waiting to get a lot of the building materials in so we do not have any delays while we’re doing that actual construction,” Beauchamp said.

Beauchamp said aesthetics isn’t their only concern though. In between projects they’ve been struggling to get the elevators fixed, in fact, in Tuesday’s meeting a rep from the elevator company T-K was supposed to show up and explain why the problem still hasn’t been fixed, but that rep was a no-show.

“Unsure of what the exact fix is at this point. We’re continually working with the T-K Elevator Company to get that resolved. It works, it’s just finicky. It works when it wants to,” Beauchamp said.

So in the meantime, Beauchamp asks the public to be patient while crews work to make the Wichita County Annex a more appealing experience when walking through the doors.

Beauchamp said the project to take roughly 16 months to be complete.