Wichita Co. district clerk raises concern with Odyssey system

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WICHITA COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — Just about six months since switching to the Odyssey system, a Wichita County district clerk is concerned with security issues with how the system is programmed.

Patti Flores said she’s never been a big advocate with the Odyssey system and now with some security issues have come to fruition where someone in the district clerk’s office can change a county clerk’s case information has caused her even more concern.

“I could go in there,” Flores said. “I could change the amounts of her fines, amounts of her court cost, amounts of the attorney’s fees. Then my clerks got on the same case and they could add to events, they could delete any event that they wanted.”

Flores said she showed this issue to County Clerk Lori Bohannon and Bohannon and her staff were also able to change district clerk’s information. While Wichita County Judge Woody Gossom is not discounting this issue, he said Flores has not shown the right people this problem.

“I think that would be a problem if they can,” Gossom said. “I think we need to limit that, but she’s got to show us that and then they can pinpoint and fix it.”

Gossom said he feels a lot of the issues are because the system is new to the employees.

“When you buy a new car, things don’t work the same as the old one did,” Gossom said. “Even if you had a 2015 and you got a 2019, same model, things are going to be different.”

Flores said they have more issues to work through.

“We have Odyssey,” Flores said. “We’re learning to work with it. We just need to get everything fixed. I mean we’ve got other problems we’re trying to deal with too but this is the first one that we really need taken care of.”

With time, the hope is these issues can be worked out and things can return back to normal.

Odyssey, the leading courts and justice software system in the U.S., serves more than 1,000 counties across 30 states. Each Tyler client provides guidance on how it wants the system configured in terms of who has access to information and who can modify files. The issues referenced in this story involve how the system is configured to operate and do not reflect any issues with the software itself. Our professionals are available to work with the county on any necessary changes once it decides how it wants to address this issue.

Nina Minney Sr. Media Relations Specialist at Tyler Technology

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