WICHITA COUNTY (KFX/KJTL) — The Wichita County Annex building in downtown Wichita Falls hasn’t gotten this much attention in decades.

“It’s been everything from a car lot to a furniture store. I think in the early 70s there was a disco tech up on the second floor,” Wichita County Commissioner Mark Beauchamp said. “Wichitans my age will remember what’s a Beco, that was the last time this building say any major work on it whatsoever was the mid-70s.”

So these much-needed renovations are welcomed with open arms by county staff, like Michelle Delgado, who’s spent more than two decades at the tax office.

“Well I’ve been here, it will be close to 24 years, and there has never been a remodel since I’ve been here, so I’m excited,” Delgado said.

And besides the outdated look throughout the building.

“If you look in the tax office now it’s nice 70s and burnt orange and everything. It looks like it’s Brady Bunch era,” Beauchamp said.

Most departments, like the tax office and motor vehicles which currently share the same space, have their work hampered by the current set up.

“It can both be busy for both sides so it’s just lots of people in here at one time, and sometimes they don’t know where to line up, where to get, and you know, it’s been a hassle for the taxpayers,” Delgado said.

That’s what is up next on the long checklist of upgrades to the building downtown, separating those two offices to make it easier on everyone.

“That is the storefront for the county if you will, not only for the county but all the local taxing entities,” Beauchamp said.

While keeping costs down for the county, with permanent improvement and ARPA funds covering most of these projects, plus utilizing Wichita County employees.

“It’s been done with a combination of contractors and our county labor, we’ve used our building maintenance to accomplish a good deal of what’s happened here,” Beauchamp said.

And you can already see some improvements, from new floors to tiles and elevators, so long overdue improvements are in the works.

“Again, it was set up in 1976, 1977, so nothings really changed since that original set up. It’s long overdue for a little sprucing up,” Beauchamp said.

Those fences might not be out there too much longer. Beauchamp said they anticipate the sidewalk and outside front area on Scott Street and 6th Street to be completed in about another month or two!