WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Having someone to look up can make all the difference in a child’s formative years or even just having someone they know is always in their corner.

Karson Sandusky really looks forward to Saturdays.

“Mostly right before Saturday I just ask, ‘what are we going to do?’” Sandusky said.

It’s when he gets to hang out with his Big Brothers Big Sisters ‘big’ Nick Scholz, an air force pilot trainee. These two share a love of flying.

“Nick is very kind and it’s a lot of fun to be around him too and very smart,” Sandusky said.

“I’ve always enjoyed looking at trying to find the potential in other people. In pilot training right now it’s very focused on myself and my training and my performance and being able to get out in the community and help some locals like Karson be able to find their potential, it’s just been very rewarding,” Scholz said.

Big Brothers Big Sisters is a one to one mentorship organization right here in our community that matches “bigs” with “littles”.

Its goal this month is to match 30 children on the waiting list. Mary Helen Maskill is board president and a ‘big’ herself.

“The saddest thing I can say being a part of the board is listening to a child so excited when they finally get that mentor that you’re matched with and you ask them ‘well how long did you wait honey?’ ‘two years, a year’ and that’s just heart-rendering because these kids are just at a formative stage and you may not think it but you have a lot to give,” Maskill said.

Karson knows what it means to wait.

“I was kinda worried I wouldn’t get one,” Sandusky said. “It took like a year for us to get matched and I think it’s a great match.”

A match carefully crafted by those at Big Brothers Big sisters.

“You’ll be amazed at the little amount of time that you need to spend to make a difference in one’s life,” Scholz said.

“It helps me, it keeps me young, oh my gosh. There’s stuff I don’t know that they can do and vise versa so it’s a trading experience, we’re both growing,” Maskill said.

Simply getting out of the house is what Karson’s brother Koltin really loves about his own ‘big’ Abby.

“We mostly just do active things like go to a park or something like Urban Air. We’ve gone to a walking place, Urban Air, this playground,” Koltin McCutcheon said.

But it’s who you’re with that makes the outings what they are.

“All we’re looking for is a couple hours a month, you don’t even have to hang out every week and even if the match isn’t going well it’s not like you’re committed. There’s no contract, the worst you can do is not even try,” Scholz said.

It doesn’t take long for a match to take off.

“I’m never getting a different big,” Sandusky said.

And when it does, you’ve landed a true connection that might just change a child’s life.

So will you help big brothers big sisters reach its goal of 30 matches? The commitment is just four hours a month.

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