WICHITA COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — Wichita County Commissioners again addressed concerns of some residents over alleged election record violations from the 2020 election, which included the Wichita Falls Independent School District school bond.

Many questions have been raised on the results and also record keeping under then County Clerk Lori Bohannon.

One concerned citizen said the people deserve answers.

“We are not asking for anything that we the people don’t deserve,” a concerned citizen said. “We have attempted to get to the truth for over a year and have been met with needless delays and deliberate roadblocks.

Another concerned citizen said he just wants for the county to be open and honest.

“I want transparency,” a concerned citizen said. “If things have been wrong, say so. We made this mistake, admit it. If there’s people that can be held responsible, hold them responsible.”

Another concerned citizen found it hard to believe the electronic results just disappeared.

“I find it hard to choke down and believe that the 2020 electronic data for early voting and election day happened to just disappear, be discarded, and be a matter of sloppy housekeeping,” a concerned citizen said.

Kevin Hunter, who was on that ballot as a mayoral candidate, said he believes this violation would have not allowed the school bond to pass.

“We came to you early on, listen to this data,” Hunter said. “I know the data has changed. But Joe answered every question that day. Then we brought in Deon Stern. Her first comment was, let me go public with that. Her first comment was, ‘the school bond didn’t pass’ without any of us interjecting anything.”

Wichita County Commissioner Pct. 2 Mickey Fincannon said he and new County Clerk Annette Stanley found a box in the records warehouse of what they thought might be original early ballots back on Feb. 13, 2023.

“There were potentially 1,310 early voting ballots in that box along with four single sheet logs where they were duplication logs,” Fincannon said.

Fincannon said there were 10 applications for limited ballots, 53 provisional ballots and 13 loose items as well. He also said they still are looking through everything and trying to add up the numbers.

“As of this (Monday) morning we have matched up early voting ballots to reproduce ballot 1,149 early voting ballots and we’re not done,” Fincannon said.

Hopefully, once all of the information is sorted through, the residents and commissioner’s court can have answers about what happened in 2020.

As for what’s next, there’s still work that needs to be done to sort through everything before they can give a final report. Also, the new county clerk mentioned having a checklist from here on out to make sure this doesn’t happen again.