In eight years, Carol and Larry Green have fostered 77 children in Wichita County, and because of this dedication, the Texas Council of Child Welfare board recently awarded the couple “Texas Foster Parents of the Year.”

This an award case manager at the Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services, Kendra King, said is well deserved.

“We nominated Mr. and Mrs Green because of the awesome work that they do with children and they’ve been doing this for a long time they have a lot of children their home and they go above and beyond,” PCHAS case manager, Kendra King said.

Carol Green, 68, and Larry Green, 80, said having the children around keeps them on their toes. 

The Greens have a soft spot for babies and said they tend to care for children from infants to 9-years-old. 

While fostering was not initially on the couple’s radar, in just eight years the Greens have fostered 77 children and said their only regret is not starting sooner. 

“I just think we’ve made a difference in their lives,” Carol Green said. “We can just see a big change in the children and their families.”

In 2009, Larry Green said he is not sure what it was, “God or a dream,” but one day the idea to foster children came to him, and his next steps were to inquire about the process. They started out with three children and the rest is history. Even though the couple knew they had no intentions of adopting, it has not been an easy choice. 

“We don’t handle it good sometimes,” Larry Green said. “One year we went, we had 3 kids just went back home, and it was right at Christmas time, and we had take their Christmas presents to them to Bowie, and the youngest one cried whenever I left, and I cried all the was from Bowie back home. It’s tough.”

Since the Greens are licensed to care for up to six children, keeping kids together is an important need they meet.

“They take sibling groups, so when kids come into care we want the siblings to be able to stay together, and that is a big service that they provide for children in care,” King said.

The couple currently care for five children and said they are still holding on for a baby. 

The Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services continues to recruit families to foster. In the last 30 days, they have placed 15 children in homes.