WICHITA COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — Wichita County will soon be the place for a facility that will help observe and track weather data.

The Wichita County Commissioner approved leasing a plot located at 1001 30th street to Texas Tech. This will be the site for a Mesonet weather site.

Mesonet is short for mesoscale network, which is a network of automated weather and environmental monitoring stations designed to observe local meteorological phenomena and micro-climates.

Pct. 1 County Commissioner Mark Beauchamp said this will help with a lot of data, including helping with burn bans.

“Just having that extra data right here in our community available to help make those decisions, particularly in burn bans because we get a KBDI report on Monday before Commissioner’s Court where we can look at burn bans, and we need to know what that moisture content is on multiple areas across the county,” Beauchamp said. “This will give us up-to-date instant reporting.”

The exact location and the time it will be finished are still to be determined.