WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — The Wichita County Broadband Initiative team says being able to get feedback directly from residents is the only way they can ensure their efforts to improve internet services for Wichita County are successful.

The pandemic continues to push many things online and this virtual reality has made those like Sierra Sees, the Broadband Solutions manager for Connected Nation Texas, realize that not everyone is equipped for this online world we’re living in.

“We believe that everybody belongs in a connected nation. Everybody deserves to have internet connectivity, broadband, and all that comes with an internet connection. There are so many opportunities whether it’s telehealth, telework,” Sees said.

Sees along with a committee made up of Wichita County community leaders, like Judge Woody Gossom, say the pandemic constantly reminds them that the need for internet improvement is indeed very high.

“Early on the school districts identified the problem of broadband throughout the county when kids weren’t coming in and doing things remotely and we’ve all seen we are using broadband so much that our system probably needs to be ‘broader’ band to accommodate all the use in it” Gossom said.

Together the committee has come up with the plan to gather data from a countywide survey until January, analyze that data to develop a plan and then present that plan to the county, but Sees and Gossom say this won’t be possible without proper participation from county residents.

“We also want people in all of the different cities. We want Burkburnett, we want Iowa Park, we want Wichita Falls we want all of the different cities themselves also represented so that when we look at this as a countywide engagement we can say that holistically. We really captured everyone’s needs at once and we put this together with a nice bow on top,” Sees said

“If we don’t show enough need for it, which is what this survey is supposed to do, then I don’t see any more money coming our way to help us. So let’s hope everyone can take ten or fifteen minutes to do that survey,” Gossom said.

A quick survey to improve the quality of living for many across Wichita County.

To complete the survey click here.