Wichita Falls after-hours trial bus service to be continued

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The trial version of the Wichita Falls after-hours bus service will continue.

The program was intially approved in December of last year, with help from Work Services Corporation providing $8, 000 in assistance, allowing its workers to ride for free. To date, the trial program has serviced more than 1,000 riders at a rate of more than 20 a night. John Burrus, Wichita Falls Director of Aviation, Traffic & Transportation said though the system isn’t down to a science yet, it’s proving beneficial.
“People that are wanting to get to work or return home from work and they’re having to rely on other transporation sources to do it, we’ve got one that’s running six days a week, from about 5:30 at night to 1:30 in the morning. Give us a chance, we’ll see if it works for you,” Burrus said.

Burrus also said there are plans to make this a permanent option and it’s being budgeting for.
Stops are curb to curb and are $3 a trip for all non Work Service Corporation employees.

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