WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — With Christmas less than three weeks away, officials with Wichita Falls Animal Services are hosting a free adoption event the week of December 5 to 10 for those looking to adopt a pet as a Christmas gift.

Administrator for Wichita Falls Animal Services Nicki Bacon said before adopting a pet for the holidays, do your research because these animals need a forever home, not a temporary one.

Bacon said during the holidays they see an increase in animals being surrendered at their facility, but also an increase in adoption rates as well.

“This year we have seen that after Thanksgiving which is. Normally, we would see it after the beginning of the year because a lot of people like to gift animals or get animals for their kids for Christmas,” Bacon said.

And for those adopting a pet for their child as a Christmas gift?

“It’s important that when you do come and adopt from us or whoever, you ensure that you’ve done your homework. Am I allergic to any animals? Would this one have a better temperament? So, I would just encourage everybody to ensure that if you’re gifting somebody as well to find out what they’re looking for,” Bacon said.

And to help the Animal Reclaim Center keep its doors open, Bacon said donating time, food, or even money can go a long way.

“We do accept monetary as well as donations of towels and towels are a big thing and if they’re used, that’s okay. Towels and hand towels and washcloths, so those are really big donations that we could use all year long and also dog toys,” Bacon said.

And remember, adopt don’t shop, but only if you’re ready.

Bacon said they will wrap up the week-long adoption event with a “Home for the Holidays” event this upcoming Saturday with plenty to do for the whole family.

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