WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Trying to end childhood hunger is a job near and dear to the team at the Wichita Falls Area Food Bank and it’s especially critical during these summer months.

As Childhood Hunger Director for the Wichita Falls Area Food Bank Jim McMahan is constantly reminded of how important it is to make sure children have plenty to eat.

“Food is, especially for kids, it’s a very important part of their growing up. Without the proper nutrition, they have problems or trouble concentrating at school, learning, their homework, and schoolwork and if they’re not eating properly it makes it harder for them to learn,” McMahan said.

That’s why it is crucial for the food bank to host its Summer Food Service Program, designed to provide healthy meals in the summer for hungry children.

Among those centers offering the services is the Burkburnett Boys and Girls Club and they truly value what the Food Bank is doing to support the children.

“They’re a huge support to us. We’re able to feed our kids a hot meal every single day because of them for free. It’s no charge to our club members and even if you aren’t a club member, you’re at the skate park and you’re hungry and it’s mealtime you’re more than welcome to come get a meal,” said Katie Ford, Executive Director of the Burkburnett Boys and Girls club.

McMahan says he knows this program means a lot to the families in our communities.

“For one they don’t have to budget in their own household expenses for food in the summertime if their kids are going to these clubs they know that they are going to be offered a hot meal every day,” said McMahan.

“Making sure that all kids have a meal that need a meal and knowing where they can come and get a meal even if they are not members of the club. They are always welcome. Our doors are always open to make sure that kids are fed and Wichita Falls Area Food Bank makes that possible,” said Ford.

Both say they will continue to work together to bridge the gap of childhood hunger.

Find more information on locations and hours meals will be served here.