WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Education and safety: two things that remain at the front of our minds. Here locally, the Wichita Falls Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters is reminding folks it’s never too early to start thinking of your child’s future.

“So, HIPPY is an acronym that stands for Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters. So what we do is we have home educators that partner with parents on a weekly basis. We bring them the curriculum, supplies and books they need to work with their children one on one,” Wichita Falls Area HIPPY Director Amanda Alpers said.

HIPPY has monthly events to inform parents of all the tools they have to help their children succeed and to bring local families together. Especially those who use a home school setting, which is a route that Alpers said is not a shock to see folks take.

“We do see parents that do just want to home school and they even just home school kindergarten so were there to help those parents,” Alpers said.

Alpers said while they focus on home instruction, they also promote and support sending kids inside the building for school in what they hope is a safe environment. Speaking of safety, it’s something our local protection agencies at the event say should always be a priority.

“It truly needs to have a big impact on everyone’s lives. So, I do think it’s awesome that we’re out here doing it,” Wichita Falls Fire Fighter Mason Veigl said.

HIPPY members said the police and firefighters presence at events like these are important because it gives families a first-hand look at how these kind of relationships work in order to keep everyone safe.

“We’re always training, always doing stuff, and we just love to be out here doing these kind of things for the community,” Veigl said.

All in all, HIPPY organizers invite more folks to learn about their program!

“I get to see the changes in the kiddos and see the families excited to be a part of that. They get to be their child’s first teacher,” Alpers said.

They hope you’ll make it a goal to attend one of their monthly sessions to learn more.

For more information about HIPPY, click here.