WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A Wichita Falls attorney is back in jail on charges connected to stalking his ex-girlfriend, this time he is jailed without bond.

Dean Colin Godfrey, 34, of Wichita Falls, has been arrested three times this month, and last week an order was issued on bond conditions he must meet, which include wearing a GPS ankle monitor until he enters a drug rehabilitation program.

The new arrest comes after bond conditions were issued and acknowledged by Godfrey last week barring any contact with the victim. Additional police reports were filed over the weekend but details are unavailable at this time.

Godfrey was arrested May 8 for criminal trespass after being barred from property his ex-girlfriend could be on. Police said he somehow bonded out in a couple of hours and within hours of his release had already been back to the victim’s house and driven by multiple times.

Godfrey was arrested again the next day for stalking and bonded out two days later. Police said the victim’s mother had hired a private investigator and he was outside the victim’s home and recorded Godfrey driving by twice.

The conditions for being released on bond banned Godfrey from any contact whatsoever with the victim, including on any social media platforms.

The victim also provided police with a Ring camera video that they said shows Godfrey on the property on which he was barred yelling at the victim, and another video of him walking by and standing on the property and unloading a piece of furniture.

The victim told police that after being told May 7 not to call or contact her anymore, Godfrey called her 12 times and sent 8 texts before he was arrested.

The victim said she had broken off her relationship with Godfrey after he came to her house on April 23 and was on the roof and had disabled two security cameras and broken another. She had him barred, and he was charged with criminal trespass a few days later.

After being released from his first arrest on May 8, Godfrey posted a statement on his law practice page for clients and friends saying he had done nothing wrong except make poor decisions and would be completely cleared “of this nonsense.”