WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL)—A Wichita Falls bail bond company owner will not have to go to prison after a motion to adjudicate his suspended sentence for injury to a child was denied.

Maxie, or Max, Green was placed on an eight-year deferred sentence in 2013. He had first been charged with aggravated sexual assault involving a seven-year-old girl but pleaded guilty to injury to a child. He was arrested last May for an alleged assault of a woman on Best Boulevard in a dispute over a car and a debt.

That arrest led to today’s hearing in Archer County.

Today’s hearing also involved allegations that there was an attempted bribe to get the woman to drop the complaint.

The alleged victim testified that green paid to get her car out of impound. She said Green tried to take her car because she owed green the money. She said Green tried to grab her car title and pinned her arm behind her back.

According to the original affidavit, when a police officer arrived, he said Green was on top of the woman who was on all fours and she was screaming green was breaking her arm. He said Green had her arm behind her back pulling on it. He said when Green saw him, he released the woman who was then taken to the hospital.

Two other witnesses, however, testified today.

The woman who initiated the fight, and a witness said Green was walking away when she struck him from behind.

The witness said the woman told her she thought she was going to be arrested for assault. As far as the alleged bribe to get the woman to change her story, the woman first denied it was made, however, an audio recording was then played in which she stated she would settle for $20,000 to drop the charge.

The woman’s father testified he received a call from someone saying he was Maxie Green and asked what it would take to have the charge dropped.

Green was also charged in 2012 with tampering with a witness in the assault of a child case when authorities said he told her he would take care of her financially if she said the alleged assault never happened.

Records show he was not convicted of that tampering charge. The 7-year-old girl, in that case, claimed green took off her clothes and molested her and that Green made her “pinky promise” not to tell anyone.