WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — It’s not your everyday hobby, fruit carving that is.

But for Chef Earl Carter, he’s become a master at carving fruits like watermelons and apples into anything you can imagine.

Earl Carter, also known as the ‘Fruit Technician,’ can do it all. He’s been carving fruit into different things for years now, and he says it all started one day when he was just surfing the internet.

“I looked on YouTube, to be honest, I looked on YouTube and I looked at a video and I just kept trying and trying and I got good at it,” Carter said.

So good that his work began to become recognized nationally. Carter recently received an award for fruit carving from the National Black Chefs Association in New Orleans, something he was selected for out of hundreds.

“It felt good to be recognized anyone would love to be recognized at something but being recognized for something so rare, not everyone can carve. I love fruit carving because I can use my creative mind to produce something that is beautiful on the artistic side out of fruit or vegetables,” Carter said

Carter says for him, fruit carving is a form of therapy, and while he’s self-taught, he says he’d love to soon be able to teach others and educate them on the art of fruit carving.

“I would love to go abroad, get my training, come back, and open up a school here in Wichita Falls. I think it could be an outlet for kids, special needs kids, it will help them focus, it would keep them occupied and something like this is really good,” Carter said.

If you can imagine it, Carter can bring it to life.

“It really doesn’t matter. Any medium that I can put my hands on, I can carve it,” Carter said.

A form of art that Carter hopes grows even more.

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