WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — The Wichita Falls City Council met in a regular session Tuesday morning.

The City Council voted to extend the Shelter-In-Place ordinance until May 5, 2020.

The amendments to the declaration will take place starting immediately.

Other changes to the declaration include the following:

Non-Essential Business and Operations Non-Essential businesses are allowed to transact business through the use of mail, including the United States Postal Service and like businesses, or through virtual, telephonic or other electronic means through charge accounts, credit or debit cards. Under no circumstances will these non-essential transactions take place in person, and the related businesses/storefronts will not be open physically, but only electronically, to the public. There will be no personal contact or exchange of payments, credit/debit cards during this transaction. All purchases or services may be delivered with no in-person contact with the buyer. Returns must be picked up by the seller if allowed, and credits or refunds handled in the same manner as the purchase. Employees will observe all rules relating to social distancing.

Lawn Maintenance Services Essential lawn maintenance services are limited to the mowing of weeds and grass and to the emergency removal of trees or limbs that pose a health and safety hazard. NonEssential lawn maintenance and spraying services are required to operate pursuant to the requirements of non-essential businesses.
PLANT NURSERIES AND BIG BOX STORES These stores may continue to operate under modified conditions. Customers must purchase trees, shrubs, plants, seeds, garden chemicals, and such assorted items sold by these stores virtual, telephonic, or other electrical means with payments made through charge accounts, credit or debit cards.  These items will not be openly available for physical, visual, or in-person selection by the customer, and sales are limited to pre-orders only with a scheduled curbside pick-up for pre-order customers. There will be no personal contact or exchange of payments, credit/debit cards, during the pick-up of items Customers will park at the area designated by the vendor for pick-up. Customers will remain in the vehicle at all times.

CAR WASHES Self-service car wash businesses that allow individuals to self-clean automobiles are required to provide a handwashing station at each facility that is stocked with soap or hand disinfectant. Every six hours, businesses that operate drive-through and self-service car washes are required to disinfect all equipment, buttons, and screens that customers come into contact with.

The full meeting agenda appears below