Wichita Falls City Council candidates meet with TEA Party for Q&A ahead of November election

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WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — The November election is less than a month away, and that has City Council candidates hitting the campaign trail, introducing themselves to Wichitans.

Thursday, October 7, the Wichita Falls TEA Party hosted a Q&A with three candidates: Carol Murray, Larry Nelson and John Ahearn.

Infrastructure, operating procedure and transparency with the Wichita Falls City Council — those are just a few things that these three candidates hope to fix if they’re elected into office.

“More of an onboarding process for small business,” District 1 candidate Carol Murry said. “Right now, small businesses don’t really know what to do in terms of starting their business: getting permits and build-outs and that sort of thing.”

“Once I get in there, have more town hall meetings and become more friendly with the whole neighborhood, with the whole city,” District 2 candidate Larry Nelson said. “All the districts together, not just one.”

“We got like 2 million bucks to fix roads. Well as everybody knows, there’s potholes everywhere,” At-large candidate John Ahearn said. “So, that number needs to come up. Well, it’s hard to come up when most that money’s going for labor.”

John Ahearn is running for the at-large seat on the City Council, which is not assigned to a certain district. He said getting permits through the city is one of the biggest problems that must be fixed.

“It used to take about three days to get a permit; now it could take three to six months,” Ahearn said. “We gotta get some common sense in there, and we gotta start looking at this and looking at the people that are actually doing it.”

Larry Nelson is running for the District 2 seat, which covers the east side and some parts of the north side of town. He also said the city needs a standard operating procedure with permits.

“When we file our permits, and when we get ’em back, we don’t know,” Nelson said. “We’re not contract-friendly.”

Nelson wants to make all citizens more aware of what’s going on in the city: “Voting facilities, aware of what’s going on, the town hall meetings. Anything like that they need to know. Anything that comes up in the city and gets left off from District 2.”

Carol Murray is running for the District 1 seat that covers the west side of town. Along with helping small businesses, she wants to revitalize her district.

“Take from the budget, or maybe already items designated for beautification and revitalization efforts, and take those funds and make those work harder,” Murray said.

All three candidates said they look forward to working for the people if they’re elected and fixing these issues.

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