WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Two Wichita Falls residents are jailed after police serve search warrants and say the two put a two-year-old girl in danger by leaving fentanyl and a loaded gun within her reach.

Jarvis Mitchell, who has numerous prior arrests, and Tystevia Vaughn are charged with child endangerment and drug charges. Mitchell is also charged with tampering with evidence and felon in possession of a firearm. Officers first made a traffic stop Tuesday morning on Kell W. access near Bridwell to serve an arrest and search warrant on the driver, Mitchell.

They said Percocet pills and marijuana was found, and when they arrived at the police department to question Mitchell, he vomited up a plastic baggie of pills on the parking lot.
Police say the pills which tested positive for fentanyl weighed almost 8 grams.
Subsequent to this, another warrant was served on an apartment in the 200 block of Bailey.
Police said Vaughn was in the apartment with her two-year-old son.
They say a loaded .38 caliber hand gun was on the bed and throughout the apartment they found pieces of aluminum foil with burnt residue that Mitchell admitted were used to smoke crushed fentanyl pills. They say on a chair they found a hand mirror with a white residue that tested as fentanyl.

Police say they also found a purse on the bedroom floor that contained an unlabeled prescription bottle with a crushed pill that tested positive for fentanyl.
Mitchell’s 21 arrests include numerous drug charges as well as aggravated robbery, assault, evading arrest and injury to an elderly person.