WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — As they’re finally called into service, the new vehicles are sprayed and wiped.

The Wichita Falls Fire Department celebrated its two brand-new fire trucks with state-of-the-art equipment on Thursday, November 2.

“It’s been a long time in the making,” Wichita Falls Fire Department Deputy Fire Chief Cody Melton said.

Three years to be exact.

Many gathered at Station 8 to celebrate the new equipment with an official push-in.

“It’s a long-held tradition in the fire service when you get a new unit to push it in,” Melton said. “It takes us a couple weeks to get them in service, but all around town, all eight stations, the community will be able to see the hard work we put in and see our new units in action.”

The trucks come equipped with all the bells and whistles, including cameras, new radios and new gear surrounding the truck.

“We totally replaced all the front-line equipment, the first time in the city’s history that we’ve ever been able to do that,” Wichita Falls City Manager Darron Leiker said. “Over $11 million worth of equipment and the first two pieces of apparatus arrived.”

With 11 more pieces still to go for the department to receive.

“We’ll have seven more engines, one ladder truck and one rescue. So they’ll be trickling in for the next couple of months,” Melton said.

New equipment to better serve the community.