WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — The Wichita Falls Police Department is reporting four homicides in the city this year which is an improvement from last year.

In 2018 there were five reported cases, some of which are still open.

WFPD’s Sergeant Harold McClure said the police department is very proactive in its efforts to decrease crime to ensure a safer community.

According to McClure, there are three important things that help the department accomplish this, one of which is the gang injunctions which have prevented a lot of organized crime.

“We pride ourselves in more communication within our agency where patrol will share information with the detectives, detectives will share information with patrol and it’s that open line of communication,” McClure said.

McClure also said effective communication between the WFPD and the community has proven to help with reducing these numbers.

However, in Lawton, KFDX’s records show the city is ending the year with 17 homicides.

It is the second highest number of homicides the city has seen in recent history.

In 2012, 18 homicides were committed throughout the year.

The last time Wichita Falls saw a homicide rate of at least 16 was in the early 90’s. 

KFDX’s newsroom reached out to the Lawton Police Department and hope to speak with the chief regarding the matter at a later date.