Wichita Falls ISD hosts Principal for a Day

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Several community members were invited to Wichita Falls ISD schools all over the district yesterday for Principal For a Day.

Ashley Wheeler, KFDX Weekend Anchor and reporter, followed Jefferson Elementary School’s Principal Peter Braveboy to see what all goes on during a typical day.

They wear many hats from evaluating teachers, to joining the greeting committee and even opening school lunches. 

These busy people are called principals. 

“That’s the nature of the job. That’s the nature of the job,” said Mr. Braveboy. “You’ve got to be ready for the multifaceted aspect of it. Everything. You can expect the unexpected all the time.”

And Mr. Braveboy is ready for the unexpected. He’s also the man making sure Jefferson Elementary is operating smoothly.

“We’re in a pretty good place, we’ve have some great things going on here. Every day we can visit a different class and what i love about it is a lot of our teachers are trying to change with the times and provide the right experiences for the kids,” said Mr. Braveboy. 

While Mr. Braveboy wears several hats, he said knowing everything his students are learning is important.

“Where they’re going to be comparing the different types of soils and which one grows better and they’ve got to measure the grass at a certain time,” said Mr. Braveboy. 

But, knowing all 448 students’ names is what Mr. Braveboy said makes the biggest difference. 
“They want to know that my principal knows who I am and I think it’s a really significant thing for building a relationship and building that connection in school,” Mr. Braveboy said. 

The main thing he wants to do for his students is help them set life goals. 

“Hopefully I’m an example for them, going to school and going all the way,” Mr. Braveboy said. “I want that to be an example for my kids to follow.”

As they follow in Mr. Braveboy’s footsteps,  he hopes their future will always be bright. 

Mr. Braveboy is also continuing his education and has almost completed his doctorate. 

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