During this news story an interview subject is standing in front of a sign for P.E.T.S. of Wichita Falls. P.E.T.S. of Wichita Falls is in no way related to or a part of this news story. Additionally, P.E.T.S. of Wichita Falls is in no way connected to Mr. David Brock, the interview subject featured in this story. KFDX regrets the fact that Mr. Brock was videotaped in front of the sign for P.E.T.S. of Wichita Falls and apologizes for associating the business in any way with this news story.

A Wichita Falls man is hoping someone will come forward with information that could help authorities after one of his beloved animals was shot and killed. David Brock said it all started after he fired a woman who’d been cleaning around his house because she stole from him. He said he’s been threatened and harassed for about a month now.

David Brock said the woman was found by police breaking into his house, but then they let her go because she said she lived there. He said the trouble began following that.

 “They had driven by several times flashing guns, pointing guns at me, making threats. She had made quite a few threats on Facebook. Threatening to kill all the animals. Mostly threatening my cats,” Brock said.

Brock said it didn’t stop at threats someone turned on his outside water and 6000 gallons were lost. And, one of his animals was killed an alpaca like these. 

 “I found my male alpaca had been shot in the right hip and also shot in the leg,” Brock said. “The leg was completely broken into and the foot was dangling. He almost made it to the barn, but he had fallen down and bled out. I really think what they were shooting at cause I lost two cats that night as well. Two older cats.”

Brock said there have also been a few items taken from his home including two guns.

“The thing that bothers me the most is a shotgun that I won on a raffle for a guy who had cancer and he is now dead,” Brock said. “So, my friend is gone, and it’s got a little sentimental value to it especially after I became a cancer survivor. It meant more to me then.”

Brock said all of this, especially his alpaca dying, has really affected him.

 “I have been extremely sad, disappointed, hurt. I can tell you the pain was quite significant. It happened at a time when I have been going through this medical issue and think that has made some of that a little worse. The hardest part has been how it has affected me emotionally,” Brock said.

Brock hopes getting this information out there will lead to those responsible being turned in to police.
           Brock said he has started being more cautious and vigilant around his house since this all started. If you have any information about this or any felony crime, just call crime stoppers at 322-9888. You never have to give your name and you could earn up to $1000.