WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A man who recently served a prison term for assaulting three Wichita Falls Police Officers has new charges after police said they had to tase him then had a struggle trying to get him into custody.

Danny Almanza, 34, is charged with resisting and evading arrest.

Officers responded to Grace and 14th St. Saturday afternoon where a woman and man were reported to be fighting.

They said Almanza was sitting on a porch bleeding from a deep cut on his arm and from a large knot on his forehead.

They said he told them to get off his property.

Then they said he got up and headed toward the door.

An officer said because of Almanza’s history, he then fired two prongs of his taser into Almanza’s back, which caused him to fall, but he jumped right back up and got in a fighting stance and began growling.

Another officer fired two more prongs into his stomach and he fell to the ground.

An officer said he told Almanza to roll over, then Almanza flipped over and knocked the officer to the ground, jumped to his feet and ripped the prongs out, and got into a fighting stance again while continuing to growl.

The officer then ran and body blocked Almanza to the ground, and after a struggle, the officers got him into handcuffs.

In 2014, Almanza was sentenced to four years in prison after three officers were assaulted while they were investigating an argument between him and a woman.