What started out as a peaceful day of worship at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand quickly turned to tragedy. 

Members of the Masjid Al Noor Mosque and Linwood Masjid Mosque thought they were just going for their day of prayer before the unthinkable happened. Mohammed Ramzan is a member of the Mosque in Wichita Falls and he said hearing the news was painful.

“You cannot prepare yourself for such a thing but this is almost like a Muslim’s nightmare,” Ramzan said.

Ramzan said part of the reasons these hate crimes happen to the Islamic faith is because of a false belief. 

“Some people want to come in and get even with what they think we’ve maybe done wrong with them. Which I don’t think we’ve done anything wrong. The majority of the Muslims are very peaceful, very loving and we get along with everybody,” Ramzan said.

Dr. Ahmed Mattar the leader of the Wichita Falls Mosque agrees.

“Anytime a guy has a Muslim name or claims that he’s a Muslim, even though they are not following the tenants of Islam because violence is not part of Islam. I’m telling you that, I have the book here that doesn’t have a word that would condone violence or killing of innocent people,” Dr. Mattar said. 

After incidents like this occur, Dr. Mattar said you can’t live in fear.

“You can’t really surrender yourself to fear because then these people that do these acts are satisfied. We can’t give them this satisfaction. We have to live our lives and we have to move on,” Dr. Mattar said.

Even though this act of hate happened, Ramzan and Dr. Mattar will continue pushing their belief of peace. 

According to Fox News, three people are in custody and one was charged with murder after the alleged shooter broadcast a live stream of this terror attack.