WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — One of three suspects authorities suspect were traveling all around Texas stealing iPhones and electronics from Walmarts is charged after being linked to thefts from three Wichita Falls Walmarts in 2019.

Radu Benone Wichita County jail booking photo

Radu Benone of California has been indicted on two counts of Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity-Theft.

The Walmart on Greenbriar Road first reported the suspects stealing from the cell phone display case.

Security officers told police video shows that three men, possibly Hispanic, had gone to the display case and huddled around it so it was hard to see what they were doing. They said two of the men were serving as lookouts while the third was working to break the lock.

The three men then leave the store and loss prevention officers said numerous items were taken valued at almost $1,900.

Police learned the other two Walmarts in Wichita Falls had cell phone thefts and a review of surveillance video showed the same three suspects were responsible.

Wichita Falls police learned from corporate Walmart security officials that three suspects had been arrested for theft in a Walmart in Lufkin earlier in 2019 and police say that at least two of them were involved in the Wichita Falls cases.

Investigators here spoke to many other police agencies and Walmart security personnel around the state and learned the three suspects had been traveling all over the state stealing items from Walmarts.

Police here identified Benone and say he is a Romanian citizen.